Telesage Freeware

Programs created by Telesage Solutions that are provided free to our clients.

Telesage Simple Backup
File Size:
140.94 kB
Paul Laufer
08 April 2012

A free and simple DOS batch file that works under Windows 7 to easily backup any files from your hard disk to a ZIP file.  The ZIP file is named according to the current date and time as "YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.ZIP"

This is not appropriate for GoldMine SQL database backups, but is perfect for dBase data, or any other files on your hard drives that need regular backups. Telesage Solutions will provide a limited amount of free support for initial customization of this file for existing clients.

Twister Auctioneer
File Size:
508.07 kB
25 April 2003

Twister Auctioneer, by Paul Laufer - Telesage Solutions

This program allows you to play the floor game "Twister(R)" by the Milton Bradley Company, and have your computer do the "calling", which will free up one person who traditionally had to sit and spin the spinner and call out the hand and foot positions.

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