dBase Corruption Repair & Recovery

We're experts at repairing damaged GoldMine dBase data files, or any DBF file for that matter.  We can come to your site or you can ship your data here electronically via email, or deliver it on disk via UPS, Fed-EX, or any other method you can think of.  Your data will be carefully and expertly repaired, and returned to you in a timely, professional and discreet manner.  We'll delete any copies of your data in our possession unless you specifically ask us to retain a backup.

If you believe that you have corrupted data, here are some do's and don'ts to keep in mind...


  • Backup over your previous backup tapes.  You may backup worthless data over your only backup of usable data.
  • Run maintenance on your database until you have a full verified backup.
  • Copy any files to the disk where the corrupted data resides.
  • Use CHKDSK or Scandisk until you have a full verified backup.
  • Procrastinate.  The longer your data sits corrupted the harder it may be to correct.
  • Mix DBF/DBT files from different sources.  They are a bound and matched pair and should never be separated.


  • Backup your data often, making sure to use a proper and conservative tape rotation routine!
  • Make sure to backup the DBT files also!  Those contain your notes.
  • Once a good backup is made you may be able to repair the file by running GoldMine's maintenance.
  • Maintain at least one backup of ALL FILES, inlcuding program files and email attachments.
  • Consult with an expert!


Some tips regarding corruption...

Data corruption can happen in many ways and be of several types.  Initially the types can be broken into two categories, internal and external.

A file with only internal damage appears healthy to the operating system but not to GoldMine.  In this type of corruption the hard drive and operating system are healthy, but the file may contain unwanted end of file markers, invalid data in the header and/or data area, data displacement relative to field boundaries, memo pointers beyond the end of file, and so on.

A file with only external damage appears corrupted to both the operating system and to GoldMine.  This normally involves corruption of the hard disk's file allocation table (FAT), but could also be related to a virus encrypting part or all of the file(s).

A file with BOTH internal and external damage appears corrupted to both the operating system and to GoldMine, however the internal damage may not be readily apparent, or repairable, until the external damage is fixed.

No matter what your problem is you can get good honest advice here.  Please contact me at the number shown on the "Contact Us" page.